Guidance to clients concerning attending at our office

Smith Partnership is continuing to service all of its’ clients needs during the current crisis and take on new instructions while taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

For the time being wherever possible we will do our best to avoid having to ask you to come into our offices to give instructions and will try to do so remotely. although we recognise that sometimes we will have to see you face to face. As a consequence we have ensured our offices are Covid -19 Secure in accordance with government guidelines . A copy of our Covid-19 risk assessment and relevant extracts from our guidance to staff can be found here

To ensure the safety of all concerned it will be necessary for anyone attending a meeting to follow the following simple instructions

1. Please do not come in unless you have a prearranged appointment as we may have to   refuse entry

2. In advance of any meeting you must complete our Covid 19 questionnaire. We will use your responses to determine whether your visit can safely go ahead.

3. Please arrive at our office at the exact time of your meeting to avoid unnecessary waiting. We will be ready to see you.

4. You will be required to wear a face mask unless you are exempt

5. If you are coming in to sign documents please try and remember to bring your own pen.

6. On arrival please use the hand sanitiser straight away.

7. Please remember to maintain social distancing at all times and avoid all physical contact.

8. Our meeting rooms are equipped with hand sanitiser and where necessary screens. Masks are also available. We would encourage you to discuss the arrangements for your meeting   with us before you attend.

9. We will endeavour to keep any meeting as short as possible and would encourage you to try to do the same

Risk Assessment

We have ensured our offices are remaining Covid-19 secure in accordance with government guidelines.

You can view a copy of our Covid-19 risk assessment here.

Our Covid-19 guidance to staff