Our Conveyancer Sara Hanson shares her CLC Level 4 Diploma experience during National Apprenticeship Week

Sara Hanson - Conveyancer and CLC Level 4 Diploma Apprentice


'As it is National Apprenticeship week I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience as a current Apprentice.            

I am currently part way through the CLC Level 4 Diploma in Conveyancing Law. At the end of the course I hope to achieve the accreditation as a Licensed Conveyancer.  This is something I had wanted to do since joining the exciting world of Conveyancing some six 6 years ago.

I work as a full time Conveyancer for the Residential Property Department within our head office at Norman House, this was the main reason for my wanting to partake in the Apprentice Scheme. It has allowed me to continue with full time employment whilst gaining a qualification. I have been an Apprentice for approximately a year now and the total time allocated for me to complete the same is 3 years.

Whilst I am well versed with the process for Conveyancing matters, I specialise in New Build transactions so it has allowed me to broaden my knowledge on the whole so that I am able to take on a more varied case load as well as handling more complex matters. Putting what I learn in the classroom into daily practice is the most invaluable tool the Apprenticeship has been able to offer me.

The structure of the Apprenticeship means that I am allocated 20% off the job training which allows me to utilise the materials the course provider has made available in order to successfully complete the course. I am also given a tutor who I have direct one to one contact with to address any issues I may be having. This is useful as it means the course, content and support are tailored to your specific needs. I will be sitting my exams in April of this year and upon successful completion of the same will go onto the final year of study and complete the remaining Level 6 modules, I will then not be far off gaining my Licence.

The course itself is specific to my role so it covers all relevant topics that I would come across in everyday transactions such as Contract Law, Accounting procedures for Conveyancing and Probate Transactions, as well as Land Law and Landlord and Tenant Modules. All of these will assist me within my present role as well as enabling me to broaden by knowledge for career progression.

Whilst it has been a challenge during the current times it has also strengthened my ability to work independently and adopt my own way of studying which has also been useful when applying the same to my work standards.

As we all know the current Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday has also increased the work load for all Property Lawyers and this has also been a challenge. Studying whilst working full time is a task in itself but completing the same by way of the Apprenticeship has eased that burden and allowed me utilise what I learn and apply the same to everyday situations and tasks.  

I find that the Apprenticeship tailors your learning needs to the role you are in, therefore reinforcing how skilled you become. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Law of Contract modules as this applies mostly to the area of Law I work within. It has been invaluable to my career progression on the whole but also my personal development. It has allowed me to become more confident in what I do and hopefully in the end will result in me being a better Conveyancer.'