Noella Kazadi

What I do

I am a solicitor in the Childcare department, I represent parents, grandparents and other individuals within care proceedings. I represent clients at Court and during pre-proceedings meetings, (PLO) with the local authority and other professionals.

I have represented clients in cases involving the local authority’s removal of children, domestic violence, non-accidental injuries cases, drugs and alcohol misuse cases and more.

I work strategically with parents, other family members and professionals to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients, whilst also considering the child’s best interest.

My approach to dealing with clients, is making the information understandable, with a client centred approach.  It is important for me to ensure I explain the process to my clients in a non-ambiguous way, and for clients to know that they can discuss and ask me anything related to their case without feeling uncomfortable.

I have been told that I am approachable, down to earth and a people person.

I have a keen interest in music. I enjoy travelling and discovering new places. I enjoy public speaking, and sharing different life experiences. Lastly, I do love a good series.