Reha Sookraz

What I do

I have been called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2022 and worked as a Barrister's Associate for a year (on a part-time basis). I have conducted hearings for the grant of licenses of pubs and bars and it's safe to say it's a change from the nightlife to wills and inheritance tax! A client comes in for a Will meeting and he’ll tell you everything from where he was born to where he has booked to be buried- which I think is a unique area of law. I assist the Probate team at Derby including the drafting of wills, lasting powers of attorney, land registry forms and letters to public and private authorities to facilitate the administration of estates.


I can speak, read, and write French, Hindi, and Creole.

I aim to make everyone’s life a little easier- whether that’s filling in a meeting for a colleague or liaising with family members for our client’s peace of mind.

Being born on a tropical island, I try to make it a little happier and sunnier wherever I go! 

Very helpful and happy to answer any questions. Very kindly changed details for us with no complications when the first house sale fell through. Very simple process. Many thanks for all your help!

Client, Smith Partnership