John Ellis

What I do

I am a Solicitor in the Dispute Resolution Department. I joined the firm in 2023 after qualifying as a Solicitor. I studied Law (Int.) at Lancaster University, and then completed the LLM-LPC at Nottingham Trent University, I then completed my Training Contract at a high-street firm in Derby before moving to the firm.

My work is wide ranging, helping both Commercial and Civil Clients resolve their Disputes across a range of areas, including contractual disputes and boundary disputes.

Case Study

Helping a Commercial client dealing with a former employee who had breached post-termination restrictive covenants. Helping to reach a positive conclusion for our client swiftly and efficiently.

I work hard for my clients, and thrive taking on challenges to help them. I aim to bring a sense of calm and rationality to help clients through difficult situations, and help to maintain the firm’s reputation as experts Dispute Resolution.


I also bring a sense of humour to the team, and when that doesn’t work, a decent round of coffee.

I am the current President of the Derby Junior Law Society, a Society helping to make the legal sector a welcoming environment for young professionals making their way into the industry.


Away from work I enjoy playing guitar, hockey, hikes in the countryside, and being on constant tenterhooks thanks to Derby County. A trip to the theatre is lovely treat too.


Some German, both written and spoken.