Business Debt Recovery Services

Whether your organisation is a large multi-national or a small business, chasing outstanding payments can be frustrating, time consuming and on occasion fruitless. Taking legal action may be the most effective way to recover your owed payments. Smith partnership has an over 87% success rate for recovering debts for businesses. 

Our business debt recovery services can provide your organisation with advice on effective internal credit control processes as well as supporting your internal credit control teams to pursue debts through the court system. Our fixed fee approach to debt recovery allows you to be in control of the costs of pursuing a debt and our online debt recovery service “Activate”  provides you with 24/7 access to your case. Get in touch today to find out more.

The debt recovery team at Smith Partnership gives ‘indispensable’ advice to clients across a multitude of debt sectors, including educational debts, consumer lending, bridging loan shortfalls and trade debt. ‘Conscientious’ and ‘creative’ Claire Twells heads the practice and is experienced in assisting public listed companies in relation to debt recovery concerning rental arrears for commercial property clients. Clients, who come from a variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, sport and hospitality, are impressed by the team’s ‘determination to succeed.

Very contactable and easy to work with and deliver the results asked for. Can’t fault them.

Claire Twells and her team also on hand to be contacted for updates on anything and also looking for and pursing all avenues possible to deliver the results.

Very friendly. Professional. Always happy to help. Will bend over backwards to help and will always be fair on price.

The Legal 500, 2023

What we can do for you

Having been trusted by organisations of all sizes and across all sectors, we have extensive experience in successfully recovering debts, including some in excess of £30m. Our services in this area include: 

  • Providing advice on your credit control processes
  • Sending letters before action
  • Sending letters of claim
  • Issuing County Court proceedings
  • Enforcing a judgement (CCJ)
  • Arranging payment plans
  • Acting on the behalf of businesses to collect commercial debts 
  • Administrations 
  • Creditors’ voluntary liquidations 
  • Compulsory liquidations 
  • Company voluntary arrangements 
  • Drafting letters of claim which outline the necessary next steps, such as court action
  • Advising businesses on how to manage in-house debts and reduce reliance on external support, such as debt collectors 
  • Online system to track case progress, produce reports and get updates on costs 
  • Contentious and non-contentious debt recovery issues 

No matter the size or circumstances of the debts your business is owed, our specialist team will provide a bespoke service to suit your needs and meet your objectives. 

Activate Debt Recovery

As experts in the field, we offer our business clients an online service which aims to help make managing debts that much simpler.

Activate is a cost-effective, efficient solution that allows you to have access to your files 24 hours a day, seven days a week - putting you back in control of your business’ finances.

Find out more.

Don’t just take our word for it...

The team is proud to have been recognised by the Legal 500, which states: 

Smith Partnership impresses with ‘exceptional service’. The private education and consumer goods sectors are mainstays for the practice, which advises private nurseries and acts alongside banks for their private education clients. The group also handles mandates in the manufacturing, construction, finance, telecommunications and brewing industries.

Claire Twells, who ‘interacts exceptionally well with clients’, heads the department, which includes ‘tenacious’ litigation executive Sharon Davies and litigation executive Andrew Hambleton

The Legal 500, 2022

Focus on running your business

We understand how frustrating being owed money can be, especially when valuable time and resources are being wasted to recover them. That’s why we provide a service which takes this stress away from you, allowing you to get back to focusing on your business. Whether this be through collecting your debts or equipping you with the means to do so, we provide tailored, effective solutions to every case. 

Our transparent and practical approach is built around being straight-talking and jargon free, ensuring you understand where your business stands at all times. 

From our offices in Derby, Burton Upon Trent, Leicester, Swadlincote and Stoke on Trent, Smith Partnership ensures that clients have access to responsive expert legal advice whenever they need it. 

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Whilst all court fees are added to the debt, the solicitor’s recoverable costs are fixed by the court and in some instances, do not fully cover the costs involved. However, in most cases the interest claimed in the proceedings makes up for any shortfall.

Compensation and interest can be claimed in commercial contracts pursuant to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as long as your terms of contact do not specify alternative rates. Please click here for further details.

Yes! If your terms contain a clause in relation to interest, or interest can be claimed under the court rules. Please click here for further details.

There is no telling what stage of the debt recovery process will produce a positive outcome. Many pay following the issue of our seven-day letter but it is sometimes necessary to take the action as far as enforcement. Our aim is to get from one step to the other in the shortest amount of time, whilst maintaining pressure on the debtor to settle sooner rather than later. Please click here for details of the debt recovery flowchart.

Our costs are fixed on a stage by stage basis (letter, issue, judgment etc.) Please click here to see details of our costs and those of 3rd parties (court etc.) involved in recovering your debt.

Claims can be brought against Scottish debtors under the Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments Act here in the UK and then enforced through the Scottish Sheriff’s Office. Please contact us for full details.

We can take on your case for you and arrange for enforcement either in the County Court of High Court depending on the size of your judgment. Please click here for details of enforcement options or contact us for further details.