Patrick Booth

What I do

Solicitor in the Clinical Negligence department based at Norman House. I act for clients who have suffered negligence by medical clinicians and who want to recover compensation from them. The majority of the claims are against the NHS. I tend to work on complex cases such as birth defects and maximum severity injuries and also on cases that are being litigated through to trial. I am a Court of Protection appointed Deputy. I have acted in cases involving breaches of human rights. I am also a member of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and chair tribunal hearings in London. I am an Assessor to the Law Society’s Personal Injury Accreditation Panel.

I am a keen amateur baker and I try and keep my colleagues supplied with cake. (Whether the cake is any good – is open to interpretation!)

I try and maintain a sense of the ridiculous.

My interests include bridge and education. (I am a Trustee of an Educational Trust which looks after 15 Secondary and Primary Schools in the East Midlands). I was a very keen long-distance runner but health problems (and old age) have forced me to give that up. I am recovering from recent major spinal surgery. I attend a gym three times per week.

All contact with this partnership has been impressive. I liked what they wrote on their website in their statement of how they practice law, 'putting clients first', and my experience tells me they really do. My initial contact was for advice concerning medical negligence. The secretary had Patrick Booth call me back the same afternoon. I expected to pay a fee for his advice but he insisted this first consultation was free, even after I'd made clear that I was not going to take my complaint against a hospital department to court. Patrick Booth gave me precise advice concerning what to write in my initial complaint to the hospital and even offered to read this through, what I could expect as a response and advised me to escalate the matter to the CQC if the hospital's response to my complaint was unsatisfactory. He explained the further actions possible and had I the emotional fortitude to take a department's catalogue of serious error to the press, or to court, I know I would have had confidence in Mr Booth's counsel. The efficiency and friendliness of my first contact with the Smith partnership led me to Amanda, the drafting of a will and appointment of executor. Just like Patrick, Amanda ensured clarity about my intentions, was transparent about her reasonable fees and I have confidence that when the time comes, she will execute my wishes perfectly. It is reassuring that she will visit me at home to discuss the draft and will be able to photograph the location of documents and gifts at the same time. One happy client here!

Client, Medical Negligence