Martin Bradbury

What I do

Partner, clinical negligence specialist. I have been with the firm since 1993 starting as a general Civil Lawyer but concentrating on personal injury work. As this built up, my work concentrated on personal injury of which clinical negligence became a bigger & bigger proportion until the decision was taken to concentrate on it exclusively around ten years ago. I have achieved settlements in excess of £1m on a couple of occasions, most recently in November 2018, and numerous six figure settlements. However, I take on relatively low value cases as well which are often disproportionately complicated. It is hard to generalise because the circumstance giving rise to cases vary enormously and no two are the same but to me that is part of the attraction of the work.

Inspiration. I think colleagues look at me and think that if I can do the job, they certainly can, and probably better. I like the opportunity to work with and train the next generation of lawyers, all of whom have worked so hard to get this far. Hopefully I will never be remembered as someone who said no every time the question was “have you got five minutes?”. I like the fact that we help people of all kinds deal with sometimes horrible, and never easy circumstances.

Birmingham born and bred and loyal season ticket holder at the football club bearing that name. Again, my devotion to difficult seemingly hopeless causes is demonstrated. National Trust member, theatre goer, cinemas too. I read, including poetry. I like holidays in warm places and the food that goes with it.

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of us all for the care, compassion, sensitivity and thoughtfulness you showed to us all during the long process.

Client, Personal Injury

I did have a look at a couple of options, and had a look online at a few different companies, but decided to put my faith in yourselves as you are local, and through other people I have heard good things! 

Client, Medical Negligence