Sarah Lewis

What I do

Residential Property transactions.


Case Study

Purchasing a listed property for clients within the Peak Park, with a lot of restrictions, in the middle of a conservation area. This was also a change of use as had previously been a visitor centre with associated land, carved up into separate plots for sale.

Areas of Specialism

Residential conveyancing; sales, purchases, transfers of equity etc. I have worked in this area since 2019 and have been qualified since 2020.

I am a pedant when it comes to grammar; I like to work within a team, I’m friendly but quiet.

I like being outside.  I jog, walk and enjoy rock climbing (weather permitting)open water swimming.  I live with my two adult children, who are 21 and 18.  We have two cats, Goose and Robin, who are adorable but each pretend that the other doesn’t exist.  I have a good social life and am a member of a climbing club, film club and a book club.


I speak French pretty well, having lived there for a while, although I am not fluent.

Thank you for all your help with buying my first home. I’ve really appreciated all of your help. Thank you for making it seem easy!

Client, Residential Property