Lisa Franklin

What I do

Key areas of work:

  • Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Court of Protection applications
  • Management of property and financial affairs for professional attorneys and deputies
  • Estate planning advice
  • Probate administration
  • Trusts

Wills and Lifetime Planning Tools

In short, I advise and assist people with their lifetime planning and in the preparation of Wills ranging from simple wills to complex Wills incorporating Trusts as well as other useful lifetime planning tools such as Powers of Attorney, including general Powers of Attorney, specific powers of Attorney, Trustee Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Lasting Powers of Attorney. I also draft Declarations of Trust. I offer all-round advice having formed a bigger picture of my client’s personal circumstances to help them make well-informed decisions.

Court of Protection Deputyships

I also advise and assist with applications to the Court of Protection for the appointment of a Deputy and I am particularly passionate about helping vulnerable clients. The Court of Protection work I am involved with includes making applications to the Court for the appointment of a person to manage property and finances when a person becomes unable to do so for themselves and also in assisting Professional Attorneys and Deputies manage property and financial affairs. I also have experience of Statutory Will applications, Trustee applications, gifting applications and also Health and Welfare applications to the Court of Protection.

Probate and Letters of Administration

I assist Executors in applications for Grants of Representation both where the deceased left a Will and in cases of Intestacy (where there is no valid Will). I also assist in the general administration of an estate including collecting in assets of the estate, settling liabilities, the preparation of estate accounts and distributing to beneficiaries. This involves the calculation and settling of inheritance tax, as well as deeds of variation where a beneficiary wishes to redirect their inheritance and payments to the beneficiaries. I find it rewarding to be able to help people in their hour of need especially after the loss of a loved one.

A little ray of sunshine and bringing out the happy side in people.

I am very determined, conscientious and will fight for what I believe is right for the team and our clients.

I love to help people. I am a Dementia Friends Champion and a member of “Inspiring the Future”.

I am colourful and I love shoes!

The best moments of my life are spent with my little family. Unfortunately for them, I have not yet mastered the art of keeping a pet fish alive for more than a few months. R.I.P Sprinkles and Cupcake.

I am a bit of a royalist and my biggest role model is Her Majesty the Queen.

In my spare time I enjoy a mix of belly dancing, tap dancing, genealogy, cocktails with friends and stone painting with the children. 

I won the Northamptonshire Law Society Junior Lawyer of the Year award in 2014 and have since been commended internally with awards for commitment to business development and for “going over and above” in client care and service.

Dear Lisa, Just wanted to thank you for your courtesy and patience in explaining things this afternoon. These matters are never enjoyable but you made it comprehensible and I appreciated that.

- Mr Newton

Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for all your work on this estate and for all your help with our legacy, it’s much appreciated.

- Client, Wills and Probate


Hi Lisa

I was just looking through some documentation and I came across my will.

You probably won’t remember this, back in 2017, I went with my wife to sign our will. You helped us with the process on that day. You were so brilliant at realising that we both had a visual impairment and offering sighted guide. It was such a small thing, but it made all the difference, because even now, four years on, you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is as a disabled person to receive that level of service especially from professionals.

I often have to ask for assistance first, I’ve had people telling me to "walk over there" when asking for directions, Doctors calling my name and then walking away without offering help. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help that day and making the whole process so much easier.

- K.S

Just wanted to thank you for your help and advice over the telephone. I decided to bite the bullet and apply for probate myself and, as you said, it was very simple- it has been approved. Our chat over the telephone really helped - thanks again - it was very kind of you to take the time and give such clear advice.

- C.G