The probate fee increase

The news that the government have scrapped their controversial plans to increase the Probate fees, justifying the announcement on the basis that the snap general election proposed for 8 June has disrupted the decision-making process.

For the time being, therefore, the Probate fees will remain at £155.00 whether your Estate is worth £5,000 or £5,000,000.

It can only be good news that the proposed fee hike is no longer going forward. Both legal professionals and members of parliament had widely criticised the proposals and it can be assumed that this issue will be put on the shelf until such time as a new a government is elected.

It is highly likely that we will see a rise in the Probate fees in the relative near future but it remains to be seen whether these will be proportionate to the value of a person’s Estate or a fixed fee as they are currently.

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