Supreme Court concludes Uber drivers are 'workers' not self-employed

Uber drivers held to be workers, rather than self-employed in Supreme Court ruling

For employment law purposes, the Supreme Court has decided that Uber drivers are classed as “workers” and therefore entitled to receive national minimum wage and paid annual leave, amongst other rights.

Many think that the ruling will have wider implications for a lot of other similar platforms and “gig economy workers” in the industry and yet it is important to note that the ruling does not materially change the existing law on worker status, it merely confirms the stance that the law has already taken, that many people engaged in gig economy work, may be classed as workers. Each case will be considered on the individual facts and individuals will not be automatically classed as being workers.

To be classed as a worker, a tribunal will look at the actual relationship between the parties, not just at what the contractual documentation states.



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