Family Court has seen a 10% increase in fees as of 1st May 2024

As of May 1st 2024 Family Court fees have increased by 10%. The Ministry of Justice stated that ‘implementing increases to court and tribunal fees is vital to our ongoing work to protect access to the courts for all those who seek justice.’ 

The family court system has notably faced significant strain due to funding issues and Court fees have not increased since 2021 and by increasing them the aim is to ensure that the courts can be properly resourced, as well as improving service and reduce the taxpayer’s costs. The increased income will also support in subsidising the cost of the free services offered by the family courts. The MOJ’s approach is to make court users cover the cost of the court system rather than taxpayers.

The increases are thought to generate between £34 million and £42 million a year.

  • Child arrangements orders have increased from £232 to £255 (including orders such as Specific Issue Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders and Special Guardianship Orders, as well as applications for parental orders).
  • Application for adoption, or permission to apply for adoption has risen from £183 to £201.
  • A financial order application, not by consent, rose from £275 to £303.
  • Financial consent orders have risen from £53 to £58.

The only cost to remain the same is that of a divorce/civil partnership dissolution application and it will therefore remain £593.

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