What is a Child Protection Plan?

A Child protection plan is usually made when a Local Authority social worker believes a child is at risk of suffering significant harm.

There are 4 categories under a child protection plan, which are:

  1. Neglect
  2. Physical abuse
  3. Sexual abuse
  4. Emotional abuse

Usually, the Local Authority will convene an initial child protection conference which you as parents or those with parental responsibility for the child will be invited to attend, alongside other professionals such as the social worker, health visitor/midwife, school/nursery safeguarding lead, police and probation etc.

At the conference, the professionals will share their concerns and what areas they want to see an improvement in, there will also be a scale at the end of the conference which will indicate how concerned the professionals are about your current circumstances.

As part of this plan, you may be asked to engage with some form of an assessment or courses that may develop your understanding of a specified area of concern such as domestic abuse or parenting. It is important that you engage with the plan as the Local Authority may escalate matters if no improvements are made.

How we can help?

At Smith Partnership, we can help you throughout the Local Authority’s involvement. We have solicitors across the East Midlands who are experienced in child protection matters, If you would like to discuss this further please contact us on 0330 123 1229.

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