Major Trauma Injury Claims

Whilst medical professionals are for the most part highly trained and experienced, there may be unfortunate circumstances whereby a patient receives major trauma as a result of medical negligence.

If you have suffered major trauma inflicted by a medical professional, then you may well have grounds to being a claim against them.

What is major trauma?

Major trauma describes an injury, or combination of injuries, that are either life-threatening or debilitating.

For example, this can include head, chest, abdominal and skeletal injuries, as well as amputations.

Whilst major trauma can be the result of accidents, it can also be caused due to medical negligence, such as a major operation gone wrong or other medical mishaps.

Can you claim compensation for trauma?

Yes, you may be eligible for trauma compensation if you have sufficient evidence to prove your case.

This accounts for both personal injury and psychological trauma claims. Specifically for psychological trauma, you must present considerable feelings of emotional distress for some time after the event occurred.

Whilst this may be difficult to prove, working with a major trauma solicitor may help to strengthen your case.

Major trauma injuries compensation

As with any form of medical compensation, major trauma injury claims can vary drastically depending on the severity of the case.

For example, an individual who is permanently disabled as a result of major trauma caused by medical negligence may well receive a higher reward than someone who was able to make a better recovery and return to their pre-accident levels of fitness without any ongoing problems.

However, a dedicated major trauma injuries solicitor, such as one at Smith Partnership, will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible compensation amount.

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