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No one enters into a relationship anticipating it to breakdown in the future. However, should this occur, things can be made easier if an agreement is already in place. 

While raising the issue of putting in place such an agreement can be viewed as unromantic, it need not be viewed this way. Entering into an agreement which, should the unthinkable happen, protects your assets, is not ‘tempting fate’ but taking a pragmatic approach to the future.

Our team of family law experts have a wealth of experience in drafting a wide range of agreements including a pre-nuptial agreement (for marriages) or a co-habitation agreement, both of which can formalise from the outset of a relationship the intentions of both parties and the distribution of assets should the relationship end.

The team can also support with pre-nuptials and co habitation agreements.

With a tactful and caring approach, the team are on hand to advise on the best agreement for your circumstances. For more information, contact us.

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