Jak Ward

What I do

I specialise in Contentious Trusts and Probate, which consists of all of the contentious aspects of administering trusts and estates as well as challenging wills and inheritance.

I should learn to make more cups of tea.

I am a keen sportsman, playing and watching.

We are so glad we chose Smiths'

- SR - Jak Ward

Thank you for all your help Jak. You have been a beacon of light on stormy seas and I can now see my parents and my brother resting in peace.

- SH

Jak you have been a superstar... I couldn’t have done this without you.

- AP

I cannot thank you enough for the work that you have done for me over the last couple of years. Your support, understanding, and professional ability to work through my most verbose and hysterical moments, have been invaluable. Thank you Jak, so much!

- AG

Before our meeting of last month we were all becoming very despondent. It appeared, no matter what evidence we produced, we seemed to get nowhere until we had the opportunity to explain our case to you… Since then, not only have you understood our case, but have moved very quickly on it.  Thank you Jak! It’s a pity you were not involved earlier and that we wasted four months just waiting for the purchase file that never materialised… You have restored our faith and we know we have the right man on the job.

- BW

Jak, thank you kindly… you have been extremely proficient; your advice and assistance has been invaluable.

- PW

Jak, I cannot say how happy I am with your services and the help you have given myself and my mom has been amazing and I am so glad that I made the call to you that day.

- KI

I just wanna say a big thank you for everything and for believing in me I wouldn't be where I am now without your help.

- EB

I don't know how to thank you for everything you've done for me and my family you fought my case yes deep down I did think maybe I was fighting a losing battle but I never gave up and you never gave up on me so thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and supporting me through everything I wouldn't have won without you.

- EB

I would like to say thank you very much for all your professional help and calming influence throughout.  Our case, from the moment we walked into your office we had no idea what the future held for us but we were sure about one thing we couldn’t have chosen a better solicitor so once again thank you so much for everything you have done.

- PM 2020

I have engaged Jak's services on two occasions now and on both matters he has provided me with both excellent and sound advice. He has always remained professional, sought relevant information in a timely manner and taken a pragmatic view. 
Jak has also always taken the time to listen, clearly explain on all legal matters and provided support/guidance through what has been a really stressful time for me. I simply cannot thank him enough for sharing his expertise to navigate me though the situation, kindness and professionalism.

- Sarah Goodal

Jak, [We] have both been impressed by your sound advice and by your fair and reasonable approach to the issue of fees.

- PJ