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01 Feb 2021 | Victoria Townsend

Contentious Probate hits the headlines - DIY Will rejected in High Court

In a recent case that has caught the interest of the media, the children of the late William Tibbles found…


01 Feb 2021 | Victoria Townsend

Contentious Probate – How to protect yourself and your estate from challenge.

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is; ‘What can I do to stop a claim against my estate?’ Whilst…


21 Nov 2019 | Jak Ward

Inheritance Disputes: Common Causes & Solutions

With individuals owning more assets and family structures constantly changing, inheritance disputes…


14 Oct 2019 | Jak Ward

Trustees’ Duties and Responsibilities Explained

Being asked to become a trustee is an important expression of trust. For this reason, it’s important…

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03 Oct 2019 | Jak Ward

5 Common Grounds for Contesting a Will

In the wake of a bereavement, going through an inheritance dispute is the last thing that any party…


19 Apr 2018 | Jak Ward

Considering challenging a will? What you need to know about contentious probate

When someone dies, their belongings, such as their home, their savings, investments and personal effects,…