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Happy lesbian couple walking on a hill

14 Feb 2020 | Jack Robinson

The Civil Partnership Act and Estate planning for same-sex couples

As part of Smith Partnership’s support of LGBTQ+ History Month, we will be looking back at key moments…

A family walking on the beach

30 Jan 2020 | Jack Robinson

Changes to the Statutory Legacy for Surviving Spouses or Civil Partners

The Government has recently made a change to the Rules of Intestacy by increasing the statutory legacy…


28 Aug 2019 | Darren Perry

Trust Amongst Friends: Can a Bare Trust Exist Without a Trust Deed?

A Bare Trust is where an individual (the Trustee) holds assets on behalf of another person (the Beneficiary).…


09 Jul 2019 | Lisa Franklin

Relationship Misconceptions and Considerations in Wills

There are so many misconceptions about relationships and how a particular relationship status can effect a Last…

A helping hand

08 Jul 2019 | Lisa Franklin

Court of Protection – Deputyship Applications

“I’m sorry, we can only discuss the account with the account holder”

“But I’m her daughter, my mum has…


10 Jun 2019 | Sarah Clark

Is your Will a slippery slope?

We have seen a recent rise in Will Writers offering cheaply prepared Wills online, and more and more people are…