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Full and final settlement

11 Jan 2021 | Claire Twells

The Definitive Guide to Making a Full & Final Settlement

Being owed money can create an unfavourable situation for all parties involved. As a creditor, you will be…


05 Nov 2020 | Claire Twells

Everything you need to know about the debt recovery procedure

Chasing outstanding debts can be a frustrating task. It takes time and causes a strain on other valuable…


27 Nov 2018 | Claire Twells

Good news for those who are owed money...

Smith Partnership is spreading some good news for those who are owed money. . .

Almost daily one of our…


11 Apr 2018 | Claire Twells

The Debt Recovery Pre-Action Protocol – has it met its goals?

The Debt Recovery Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) came into effect on 1 October 2017. Now, with time for it to have…


07 Dec 2017 | Claire Twells

Money worries? Learn more on full and final settlement offer

Worries over money and debt can soon take their toll, leaving people feeling stressed and anxious. Whatever the…


30 Nov 2017 | Claire Twells

How long before debt collectors take action?

Debt can quickly creep up on people. Maybe it is because of a period of unemployment, unexpected costs, the…