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06 Apr 2020 | Alexandra Bullmore

New Employment Law Changes - April 2020

In non-COVID19 news, there are a number of employment law changes which come into force on the 6 April which…


27 Sep 2019 | Alexandra Bullmore

The reality of a four day working week

Would an average working week in the UK of 32 hours be viable?

It has been announced that under a Labour…


03 Sep 2019 | Alexandra Bullmore

Flexible Working - Majority of Workers Not Offered Flexible Hours

A study from GQR for the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has shown that many employees are struggling to access the…


22 Jul 2019 | James Johnson

Breach of Settlement Agreement by an Employer

Employers have a legal obligation to abide by the terms and conditions agreed with an employee as part…


16 Jul 2019 | James Johnson

Settlement Agreement Negotiations: 10 Tactics

If you’ve been offered a settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement) or are on the…


06 Jun 2019 |

Harassment of LGBT Employees: Are Employees too Worried to Report it to their Employer?

The Trades Union Congress (“TUC”) has done a recent survey on the topic of harassment of LGBT people in the…